AnOtherSide Press Release



Press Release


“AnOtherSide” is the debut EP from Temple Haze.

A flowing journey of laid back trip-hop and RnB elements transposed by the Temple’s folk and blues roots.  It is an album inspired by the mystic influence of the sacred feminine, and the dichotomy of love and loneliness. Recorded in an unexpected style with old microphones, tape machines, ad-hoc solo recording sessions at 4am as the city slept, and different non studio spaces to catch the sound of natural rooms; the EP offers a unique ride into the mind of the composer.


Co-Produced and Mixed by BensonRecordings // Creative Design by Biko Ohé

The name – An Other Side – has a combination of meanings; from exploring the “other” world, to a reflection of one’s self, to our digital selves that we create through technology.



About Temple Haze

Temple started his journey into music on the road, hitchhiking through America, working on organic farms, living an off the grid lifestyle, just him and his guitar. After travelling through the states, he set his troubadour eyes on to Europe, moving through London,  Italy and Eastern Europe, busking on the streets and finding his way through a vagabond life. After nearly 4 years on the road he moved to Berlin to start a new life.

In Berlin he dove into the music scene with his band Bakery. Starting with a bang headlining at Berlin Festival, Burning Man and Fusion Festival in 2015, they went on to support the Crystal Fighters European tour, and their own headlining tour through Germany (BakeAllDay Tour) in 2017. 

Temple also felt the calling for something deeper – in 2017 he co-founded Soneiro Collective, a Yoga and Music Meditation project. They then brought the show on the road, Performing at Feel Festival, Artlake Festival, Garbicz Festival, and Meadows in the Mountains festival – bringing self aware yoga and meditation practice to the festival scene. 


These different sides of Temple bring his music into a sphere all it’s own: A new take on indie soul combined with an old blues mentality. Conscious, psychedelic songwriting, with abstract structures and compositions. His music moves into different landscapes, each song a journey in itself.




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